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God wants to have a relationship with you that goes beyond an hour on Sunday. 
We've compiled some resources to help you read, listen, and study the Bible. 

Which version of the Bible should you read?

Check out this helpful article from the Chara Project

Original manuscripts for the Bible were written in Hebrew and Greek (which isn't exactly helpful to many of us now). The Bible is the most translated book in the world!

You'll find some translations focus on literal interpretations while others are focused on paraphrasing with readability being the most important factor. 

Spoiler alert: the New International Version (NIV) is the most widely-used translation. 

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Carry your Bible wherever you go

If you can't decide on a translation, try all of them! 

YouVersion is a free Bible app that you can download on any device. The app makes it easy to study scripture with friends, compare translations, make notes, and more. 

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Listen to the Bible

Reading isn't the only way to immerse yourself in scripture.

Sign up for the Dwell app using our link for free access to the Dwell audio Bible app so you can listen to scripture throughout your day. Choose from different translations, a variety of voices, and customizable background music.

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RightNow Media

streaming library of Bible Studies

Think Netflix for Bible studies. 

RightNow Media hosts a collection of over 20,000 Bible studies for you to watch on your own or with a group of friends. You can find content on specific books of the Bible or topical studies like marriage, parenting, life challenges, and spiritual growth.

There's even tons of content for kids!

If you want a free account through FBC, text FBCPC to 49775 or email amanda@fbcplattecity.com

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Parent Smarter, Not Harder
Parent Cue App

This free app helps you build a spiritual foundation with your kids as they grow. You'll find helpful content for each age & stage that mirrors the same topics we talk about with your kids each Sunday morning.

Download the app here


Illustrated videos & free online Bible courses

BibleProject is a nonprofit, crowdfunded organization that produces 100% free Bible videos, podcasts, blogs, classes, and educational Bible resources to help make the biblical story accessible to everyone everywhere.


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Every Word All Year

In 2022, we read through the entire Bible as a church. Through this project, we created weekly videos, small group life-application content, and helpful tools. You can find all of it here.

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Following the Way

40 Days of the Gospels

When you choose to follow someone, you're choosing to allow them to influence you in some way or another. 

If someone says they are a follower of Jesus, they're acknowledging that their life is impacted by Jesus' life & teachings. One of the best ways we can be shaped by Jesus is by reading the Bible-- specifically, the Gospels (the first 4 books of the New Testament that record Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection). 

Check out the plan here

Prefer listening? Check out the Dwell app. You can take advantage of our subscription and have easy access to all of our reading plans. 

Have questions about what you're reading?

We know reading the Bible can be intimidating. 

If you're feeling lost or have questions, just send us a message. We'd be happy to talk through it with you. Don't get discouraged!

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