Matthew 26:36-46
Agony in the Garden

As Jesus prepares for the cross, he spends time praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. He knows he’s going to be experiencing separation from God on the cross. 

While the weight of God's wrath isn’t a pleasant conversation topic, it’s necessary. Attempting to understand what separation from God means gives us a deeper appreciation for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. 


While Jesus was praying in the garden, he asked his friends to pray with him. Unfortunately they couldn’t stay awake. 

Are you asleep to the seriousness of God’s wrath? 

Are you watchful for people in your circle of influence who don’t know Jesus? 


CHALLENGE: Choose 1 person to pray for every day through Easter. Pray about the details of their life, but pray specifically that they’d decide to follow Jesus.